Made-to-Order Rough-Top Conveyor Belts, Belting for Slider-Bed Conveyors

Made-to-Order Rough-Top Conveyor Belts, Belting for Slider-Bed Conveyors


SPECIFICATION Thickness Cotton canvas Nylon canvas
five hundred*four 8mm $7.5 $nine.9
600*4 $8.three $11.eighty five
650*4 $nine.2 $twelve.82
800*four $eleven.2 $15.eight
one thousand*4 $13.eighty one $19.75
five hundred*5 10mm $seven.nine $11.3
600*five $nine.5 $thirteen.53
650*5 $ten.3 $fourteen.sixty six
800*five $twelve.65 $18.04
1000*five $15.8 $22.55
600*6 12mm $11.eighty four $22.eighty three
650*six $12.eighty three $24.74
800*6 $fifteen.8 $30.forty four
1000*six $19.seventy three $38.05
Regular good quality conveyor belt, a big quantity of place can take emergency orders, no surface area flaws, no warranty
E-mail:[email protected]


SPECIFICATION NN Strength series Price tag / meter Warranty
1000*5(4.5+one.5) one hundred fifty# 15MPA $31 One particular yr
1000*5(4.five+1.5) two hundred# $35
one thousand*5(4.5+1.5) 200# 20MPA $ Two a long time
a thousand*five(4.5+1.five) three hundred# $fifty six.nine
a thousand*six(five+two) two hundred# 25MPA $fifty nine.8 A few many years
one thousand*six(five+2) three hundred# $sixty four.2
CZPT high strength conveyor belt, starting from 300 meters, E-mail:[email protected]

Merchandise Description

EP  Fabric Main Rubber EP150  3Ply  4ply 12MPA CZPT Belt
one,Rubber CZPT Belts: Nylon /Polyester/Cotton are the best quality synthetic fibers
and most widely used fabric in the rubber industry use nowadays. their  outstanding merits 
are its high abrasion resistance,high tensile  strength and good fatigue resistance.
two,Characteristics of CZPT belts with nylon (NN)/Polyester (EP)canvas:  thin belt body ,
high tensile strength,good shock resistance,good trough ability,high adhesion between plies,
splendid flexibility and long working life.

 3,Usage of Nylon/Polyester conveyor belts: suitable for medium,long-distance and heavy-
load transportation of materials,such as Crushed Stone,Gravel,Quarry Supreme.

four,CZPT:GB/T7984-2013, GB/10822-89


Prior to the shipment  we will check every belt to ensure  you  the top quality .


one.Q: Are you a manufacturing unit or trading organization?
A: We are manufactuer of the conveyor belt.
two.Q: What is your minimal purchase amount? 
A: The MOQ is 300meter,Demo order is welcome at reduced amount, pls recommend the estimated quantity, so that we can check the greatest cost for you.
three.Q: Can you do OEM item?
A: Yes, we can provide OEM service .
4.Q: How prolonged warranty for items ? 
A: All of our products have one calendar year warranty.
5:Q: How about your quality?
A: Our good quality are good and steady. The Top quality Certification will issued for every shipment.

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Made-to-Order Rough-Top Conveyor Belts, Belting for Slider-Bed Conveyors